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So what is Search Engine Optimisation?

The term SEO stands for “search engine optimisation.”
Essentially it’s a series of steps, which implemented correctly will improve the visibility of your website to your customers when searching online.

It a massive opportunity to drive more traffic to your website, but where do you start? With a strategy, which is where our SEO Packages can help.

Why SEO?

Creating a Search Engine Optimisation strategy is essential for your website, and this is where I can help. It is no longer sufficient to select a few keywords and fill your website with them, hoping that will be the answer to being found online.

Understanding it can never be a ‘do once and leave alone approach, the only way to stay relevant on search engines including Google is to play the long game and develop a plan accordingly. This is where having a strategy is vital to your success.

Why you need to plan your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is important for any website and business. You need to invest some time, research, and effort into marketing your site in order to see good results. There are many strategies that you can use to give yourself an edge over the competition.

One of the most important things to consider is developing a long term SEO strategy that can be used for months or years to come. Building a solid foundation of quality content is the first step, but you also need to create links to your site that can be built up over a long period of time. The more you work towards building your website and business, the better results that you will see along the way. The SEO services that we provide can assist you on your way to getting better results.

SEO Packages Include:

Keyword Research

The basis of a successful strategy is focusing on the right keywords for your business. This will include:

Competitor Research

Keyword Analysis

Identify Emerging Trends


Your website needs to be relevant and valuable to both search engines and your customers. This will include:

Content Audit

Website Speed Optimisation

Creating The Ideal Website Structure


Offsite is all about the external factors that determine the rankings of your website. This will include:

Backlink Analysis

Directory Submissions

Journalist Outreach


Makeup Artist

“Rich helped me with my SEO for my website, and to say the results bowl me over is an understatement.

I had got to page 25 and I still wasn’t appearing on any searches. And now I am consistently on page one with all the other supplies in my area, which is absolutely amazing!”

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